Thursday, May 06, 2010

My annual Kentucky Derby Party was held recently, and it was, as usual, a blazing hit. (I am a bit biased.)

Stormy weather blew through Mississippi Saturday, but the festivities were not dampened.

Thank you to my friend and fellow book club member Keetha Mosley for the photos!

Me and my favorite co-host, Daddy

Everyone knows how much Keith loves getting dressed up to eat finger sandwiches...

Mint juleps on the porch

And for those who don't want to take the enamel off their teeth with the mint juleps, Momma's famous bourbon punch, "The recipe."

The best cheese straws this side of the Mississippi!

A little Southern cuisine....


Joannafesto said...

Gorgeous! Love your hat and may have to steal the sewing stand idea. That punch bowl is to die for!

the sweetie said...

Good times and the blogger is the ultimate host. She told me later that she didn't even eat any of that marveleous food she had fixed. When asked why, she said that she was to busy making sure everyone else was doing ok.