Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

My favorite mothers....

My momma in all her glory -- out in the yard, yelling at the dog. Ahhhh, memories. Trust me, her bark is worse than her bite. There has never been a sweeter woman in the world.

The ultimate grandmother. Thelma Sexton was known as "Mother" to the entire community, and for good reason. The ultimate matriarch, Mother was stern, all-knowing, and not afraid to speak her mind. Mother was more than just a grandmother, she was our friend.

The ultimate hugger -- my memommy, Evelyn Yelverton. (No photo because blogger is acting stupid, and it won't let me upload.) Memommy smelled like White Shoulders and pastries. She was that grandmother who would yell at Momma if she punished us in any way. And, of course, my sisters and I adored her.

My sister gave birth to my only nephew, Hunter, otherwise known as Beelzebub. (Don't worry, Hunter thinks it's funny when I call him that.) Stephanie is a great mother. She is not overly strict or overbearing, but when she means business, get back.

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