Thursday, May 15, 2008

100 Totally Facinating Things About Me

1. My middle name is Gaye.
2. I was named for my daddy’s oldest sister, Sybil Gaye, and Miss Kitty off Gunsmoke, Amanda Blake.
3. Daddy said he always had a thing for Miss Kitty.
4. I am the youngest of three girls.
5. Until I was nearly a teenager, I thought I was not my parent’s child.
6. I thought my uncle was actually my father, and because he was an idiot, my parents took me in.
7. It makes me cringe when my mother tells me I remind her of him.
8. I had a pony named Tiny Boot when I was a child.
9. When I was little I had reoccurring nightmares about the ground opening up, falling in the crack while riding Tiny Boot, the hole filling up with water and drowning.
10. No I am not in therapy.
11. My first friend my same age was named Scooter Cooper.
12. We once had a joint birthday party at McDonald’s.
13. My favorite color to wear is green. My favorite color is pink.
14. I have one eye that is half blue and half green.
15. Until I was around 7, my eyes were blue. Now they are green.
16. My favorite show growing up was Tom and Jerry.
17. I used to cry when it would end.
18. I hate Roadrunner. It was the worst cartoon ever.
19. I never understood why Popeye would want to date Olive Oil in the first place.
20. After seeing Friday the 13th part III, I was scared to go into the hay loft of the barn.
21. I still am.
22. My best friend since we were seven is Heather.
23. We went to elementary, high school, and college together.
24. We have never lived together, not even in the dorm.
25. That is the reason we are still friends.
26. My favorite book growing up was James and the Giant Peach.
27. My fourth grade teacher read it to us.
28. She also made me love butterflies.
29. I can now tell the difference between a Hawkeye and a Monarch butterfly.
30. I have never been a lover of science, but I did graduate high school with a 100 average in Anatomy and Physiology.
31. Chemistry – not so much.
32. My favorite teacher ever was Bill Ferris.
33. He is now the director of the Humanities in Washington, D.C.
34. I majored in English and Southern Studies.
35. I actually wanted to be an interior decorator, but my father would not have it.
36. I took one class in journalism in college.
37. My professor told me I would never be a journalist, and I needed to transfer into creative writing.
38. I am now a journalist with an English degree.
39. My favorite book of all time is Confederacy of Dunces.
40. I named my cat after the main character – Ignatius J. Riley.
41. The one character I fell in love with immediately – Gilbert Blyth from Anne of Green Gables.
42. I started to hate Anne for being mean to him.
43. The other – Edward Rochester from Jane Eyre.
44. I hate Charles Dickens. Anything by Charles Dickens.
45. A writer I would love to emulate: Dorothy Parker.
46. Writer I would love to have lunch with: Dan Brown
47. My first published piece of writing was in my high school newspaper – The Immaculata.
48. I wrote Madame Amanda’s horoscopes.
49. Seriously.
50. I went to an all-girl Catholic school.
51. I had to wear saddle oxfords until I was 18 years old.
52. My favorite foods are Momma’s fried chicken and sushi.
53. My least favorite foods – beets, hummus (that is so not food), and rice pudding.
54. My favorite television show: Monk.
55. I don’t feel so bad about my OCD if I watch Monk.
56. Second favorite television show: Psych.
57. If you grew up in the 80’s you will love Psych. Tons of 80’s references.
58. Favorite movie: Color Purple. I can quote the entire movie.
59. Worst movie ever: The Interpreter
60. I am actually kind of shy. Crowds of people scare me to death.
61. I am petrified of heights. Sometimes I think I might freak out and jump. Other times, I think I will trip and fall to my death.
62. And germs.
63. And bad smells.
64. And bugs.
65. All kinds of bugs, but especially chiggers because the get into your skin.
66. Skin diseases freak me out. I would rather have the flu than a rash.
67. I’m itching now.
68. I have always had a tremendous urge to confess – everything.
69. I feel so guilty; I believe I have to get forgiveness.
70. My favorite toy growing up: Career Woman Barbie with her pink suit and pink and white pumps.
71. When I played with Barbie, I would make Barbie go off to the office, and make Ken stay at home and cook.
72. Ken sucked. Hated Ken.
73. My significant other’s name is Keith.
74. Our first kiss was in the middle of a corn field.
75. We will be dating for three years in June.
76. Keith makes the best stuffed pork chop in the world.
77. He also made me like to eat venison.
78. Keith is so much better then Ken.
79. Favorite flower: I have two – the iris and the sterling rose
80. Favorite scent: honeysuckle
81. Favorite dessert: hot chocolate chip cookies
82. Favorite ice cream: Homemade vanilla by Bluebell
83. I am addicted to nose spray and have been for like 10 years.
84. I only use it before bed.
85. When my nose is stopped up, I feel like I’m drowning and wig out.
86. I have a serious phobia about my bed. The idea of strangers sleeping in my bed will send me over the edge.
87. I hate professional massages.
88. Every time I get a professional massage, I come out bruised and looking like some sort of victim.
89. I like facials.
90. My favorite song of all time is “Oh, Sweet Carolina” by Ryan Adams.
91. It has really great harmony.
92. My favorite musicians are Patti Griffin and Lori McKenna.
93. I love folk music (especially acoustic guitar) and classical piano solos (that is what I write to).
94. I bought my dogs a sofa.
95. Seriously.
96. I have two dogs and a cat.
97. The cat lives outside.
98. Her name is Deadline.
99. She is the ugliest cat I have ever seen.
100. She is definitely not as pretty as my dogs.


Dana said...

This is great stuff!

I, too, am a huge fan of Roald Dahl. Fav childhood author. The epitome of creativity and humor.

*sigh* Gilbert... The fact that you've read Anne of Green Gables (or seen the movies) has given you massive bonus points.

I'm with you on Charles Dickens. For someone who professes to love the classics, I have yet to be able to get through one of his hideous tomes.

Massage bruising? Totally! Check this out!

Laquita said...

I recently found "Scarlett in the Bell Jar." I finally realized that you are the "lady editor" who bought The Tardy House.
I have lived here for over 50 years. I grew up in the delta and came here as a young woman, married and here I am. I warn you once you get here it takes a lot of getting used to these natives. There are families here who have ancestors who came here over 100 years ago. Many of them are related. Whatever you do don't say anything bad about any of them cause they are kin.
I look forward to meeting you sometime. I live here in "town" also. Once you get here it is kinda hard to ever leave. Carrollton sort of grows on you. However no matter how long you live here they can still spot you for an outsider.