Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My sweetie and the woods

Sweetie's cousin posted this picture on Facebook, and I love it.

As most of you know, I am way more Southern belle than I am country girl, and so the outdoors are really not my thing. There are the bugs and dirt and splinters and, well, nature.

Sweetie, on the other hand, is all about nature. He even goes into the woods to "window shop" -- that is to look but not shoot.

First of all, my butt would be in the warm bed at 5 a.m. if I wasn't going to shoot anything, not that I ever would. Second, I can go stand on my porch and see all the wildlife I want.

I live in town, but it is a rural community. Deer are nearly tame and don't even run off when I drive up or walk onto the porch. They seriously stand and look at me like I should run. When I get home from the office in the afternoon, I have to stop my car and let the deer stroll out of my driveway.

Oh, and I forgot about the raccoon that sexually assaulted my poor cat, Deadline. In her fright, she climbed the poplar behind my house. On her way down, she missed a branch and fell with a whoosh! She kind of limped up the back steps, but she is fine now.

That racoon just stood over in the side of the yard and glared at me with his glowing yellow eyes.

Sweetie instructed me to grab the shotgun and kill the raccoon.

Seriously, I'm sure my neighbors would be thrilled to see me trotting through the yard, armed with a shotgun, and wearing my satin pajamas and bed jacket.

So, no. I don't think I will be donning camo anytime soon and climbing into a tree stand.

But doesn't sweetie look cute in his camo? So manly.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Some leftovers from the holidays.....

I went all out on holiday decorations this year (well, Dot and Richard Sexton went all out this year), and since I sat alone in the dark staring at my Christmas trees every night, I thought I would share.

****Remember I didn't even put up a wreath last year, so when I say all out, I mean what normal people usually put up at Christmas.
******Reminder #2 -- I am completely domestically challenged, and stood around most of the time like a blob as Momma did her thing.

We tried to keep to the period of the house outside. Real candles. Not the most efficient way to light the walk, but it looked really pretty. They must have had better eyesight back then....

Momma decorated this tree. Daddy and I helped as well. He sat in the chair pointing out holes and I put hooks on ornaments. (Don Juan always manages to get in the picture):

I found these great bird ornaments:

Keith and I decorated this tree ourselves. It was the fun tree with memento ornaments and of course an ornament tribute to SEC football.

It still amazes me what Momma can whip up out of a bag of crap and some ribbon.