Tuesday, April 07, 2009

All sorts of randomness

Recently went home to see the family and I came across this:

They served food out of a trailer that read "Chihuahua" on the side. From an advertising standpoint, probably not the best marketing campaign -- unless you're from one of those third world countries and dogs are a delicacy.

Don Juan is currently in a support group, but he tries to put on a brave face.

The Don:

In other news, I worked on my completely neurotic fear of heights recently as I rode to the top of this "Ewok" tower in Hot Springs, Ark.

I am completely petrified of heights. Seriously, I can't even stand on a chair. I even get scared when other people aren't on the ground.

So, my sweetie and I go to this mountain tower, and of course, sweetie wants to go up to the top. Even the girl behind the register is trying to "sell" me on going up there. By the way, her pitch -- "There is an entire history of Bill Clinton on the top level."

Seriously. Bill Clinton is going to get me up that dang tower? One moment while I chuckle. Ha. He. He. He. Ha.

Anyway, sweetie convinces me, and we walk to the elevator. It opens, and the entire back is glass. I mean, it was obviously my day for a nervous breakdown.

After some more coaxing, I get into that glass death chamber and squash my face into the corner next to the buttons. I felt I would be okay getting on and off if I could just stare into that corner and not think about being in a freaking mountain tower.

But, NO! That damn elevator "talked" the entire trip -- "The Hot Springs Mountain tower is 3,452 feet above the city of Hot Springs. See the sweeping views of the valley down below...."

I was obviously being punished for something I had done in the past.

Finally at the top, it was as if I were in a high rise building. I didn't freak out and embarrass sweetie in front of the other tourists. It really wasn't so bad -- except all the Bill Clinton crap.

Until, we had to come down again in Willie Wonka's talking elevator.