Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A few of my favorite things

Today at lunch, my co-workers and I were discussing our favorite things. It was very telling. I thought I would share some of mine, and see what secrets of my personality I reveal.

My family is my world. There is nothing else to say.

My sweetheart, Keith. I am a very lucky girl!

My three sons -- Toulouse, Skipper, and Don Juan. Aren't they the sweetest things?

Diet Coke. I could put it in an IV and not get enough.

I am total Anglophile. British books, movies, television. Love it!

I adore antiques. They have such a history. New stuff is just not the same. No character or great story.

Independent bookstores are so much better than a chain, and the people who work there have more than likely read a book or two.

I love bunnies -- live or glass. My mother started me collecting bunnies when I was little. It kind of stuck.

Feather pens. I might be a professional writer, but I can still have fun. Agree?

I love folk music. The songs are so relaxing and the lyrics are beautiful. I am all about the lyrics. Forget the voice and the melody.

There is nothing like Southern fried chicken fried in a cast iron skillet -- especially Momma's.

Board games are awesome, and I hate to lose.

My favorite scent is honeysuckle. It just smells Southern.

My favorite scent to wear is Michael by Michael Kors. Keith adores this stuff.

I'm a red IPOD girl. I so can't live without my one gadget.

I love my journal even though I don't write in it every day. It is a well for random thoughts.

A relaxing weekend at Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Paradise for the Southern girl.

The lost art of letter writing is something I find beautiful in that Jane Austin kind of way-- especially love letters. I never get letters anymore.

I love Mississippi. If you weren't born here, you just won't understand.

The sound of ocean waves is wonderful. I actually sleep with a noise box on making ocean sounds.

Opera. One word: chills.

I love the color pink. It is so cheerful.

I adore setting a beautiful formal table -- especially for tea parties and garden parties. Get out the silver polish, girls.

Okay, I'm a junkie -- especially true crime documentaries and British comedy.

However, television is not television without TIVO. For a while TIVO and I were in a serious relationship until I cheated on him with Keith. TIVO and I have decided to stay friends, though.


Dana said...

I'm the same way about board games!

Thanks for sharing!

Dana said...

P.S. Wanna meet a Diet Coke kindred spirit?

Deana said...

I love this blog..We had alot in common:)

Brooke said...

Well, I definitely guessed a few of your favorite things before I read the blog. I miss seeing feather pens around the office as well as your pink outfits. The only one I thought was missing - NOSE SPRAY!! :)