Friday, July 18, 2008

"I've got the split-end blues"

Maggie Reads is holding a contest for the best blues name. I thought the Blues name generator wasn't very authentic because they weren't Southern names. So gave mine a little Mississippi twist. (Thank you, Mark Twain, for teaching me to write phonically.)

Itchin' Plantain Ken'dy: The prissiest, most high maintenance gal in the juke. (and her backup group, The Peels.)


____Maggie said...

I'm not sure if my comment made it, so I thought I would try again. Please delete this if I dupe.

Hubby and I were laughing out loud to you personalized name. Please visit around and read the others. They are rather good, too!

After reading all the post to hubby, he has decided on Tone-deaf Cornbread Davis as in Jefferson Davis. :D

Dana said...

Can you put some links in your post? Wouldn't mind finding out my "name!"

Amanda said...

I have added you to my favorite places list!