Friday, July 25, 2008

Don't know why they call it a tasting -- more like guzzling

I attended my first wine tasting last weekend at the Winona Country Club. It was my first for a reason. I hate wine. Pretty much all of it except champagne and Clos Du Bois (a sweet Chardonnay that is really warm and butter). Wine make me act like an idiot. I get really giggly drinking wine -- not a good look for me, by the way.

When we arrived, the host gave us champagne. Good. Liked it, drank two glasses. Then the entertainment began.

The first flight:

The whites. It is the lessor of two evils. I really enjoyed the third selection which was a German Riesling wine. It was sweet and slightly fizzy, but not to the extreme of champagne or sparkling wine.

The last one of this flight was a rose from California that smelled like cake batter and tasted like ass.

Now, at most wine tastings, you are supposed to sip, taste, and then spit into a bucket on the table -- like this one:

We don't spit in Winona. It's tacky. In Winona, after a flight you got this (oh, and it is tacky to waste as well):

The second flight:

I am not a fan of the reds, but I will drink a glass of Shiraz with dinner. My favorite wine of the entire night: Quinta Do Crasto LBV Port from Portugal. I finished mine and everyone else's before I left. I became quite tipsy because unlike normal wine, port, has 20 percent alcohol which is 40 proof.

I tried taking more pictures, but I decided to put my camera away so the Baptists could quit hiding under the tables.


I wonder if a beer tasting will ever come to Winona? Or a gin tasting? With tonic. And lime. Here's wishing!

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