Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Passing the time this summer

Conversations with my Hairdryer introduced this meme called Summer Lovin'. It got me thinking about all the plans I wanted to accomplish this summer. Let's see how interesting the past couple of months have been.

Watching -- My summer television shows -- Big Brother, Nashville Star, Closer, Monk, and Psyche. Oh, and Masterpiece Mysteries on PBS.

Reading -- Liberating Paris by Linda Bloodworth Thomason. I have a HUGE list on my to-be-read list because I am participating in two reading challenges.

Listening to -- Robert Johnson, opera

Over-indulging on -- Diet Coke, fresh tomatoes

Thankful for -- My significant other, Keith. I am a lucky girl if I say so myself!

Praying for -- my family, as always, and my own sanity

Trying out -- Cooking for fun, landscape photographer, gardening

Gearing up for -- Our August trip to Hot Springs. Hopefully, both my sisters will be able to join. Also, Magazine ad sales. Work is the largest part of my life, so I have to mention it.

Looking forward to -- finally cleaning my closets out, organizing my office as soon as I get someone to move my desk, and cleaning out the butler's pantry (aka, my catchall for everything from unused household crap to personal papers screaming to be filed.)

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Dana said...

I hate cleaning those "catchall" places...