Friday, June 20, 2008

Update: I won the 'Sense of Place' contest!

I entered the Sense of Place contest at Maggie Reads. And guess what? I won!

The winning entry:

"Of course, Southerners tend to think that pretty much everything is an act of God. It's easier than trying to figure out why we lost the war, why we remain generally impoverished and infested with mosquitoes and snakes and flying termites, why there is in fact "brokenness" in our world as well as plenty of tornadoes and floods and hurricanes and ice storms and hundred-percent humidity levels. Hell, it's easier than trying to figure out what made the battery go dead or who locked the keys in the car."

Julia Reed
Queen of the Turtle Derby


____Maggie said...

Too Funny! What the heck is Mr. Boaterman doing!?! Good luck on the draw.

____Maggie said...

OMG! You have the luck of the new! I will need your address, please. mmoranATnorthwestmsDOTcom