Thursday, January 07, 2010

Some leftovers from the holidays.....

I went all out on holiday decorations this year (well, Dot and Richard Sexton went all out this year), and since I sat alone in the dark staring at my Christmas trees every night, I thought I would share.

****Remember I didn't even put up a wreath last year, so when I say all out, I mean what normal people usually put up at Christmas.
******Reminder #2 -- I am completely domestically challenged, and stood around most of the time like a blob as Momma did her thing.

We tried to keep to the period of the house outside. Real candles. Not the most efficient way to light the walk, but it looked really pretty. They must have had better eyesight back then....

Momma decorated this tree. Daddy and I helped as well. He sat in the chair pointing out holes and I put hooks on ornaments. (Don Juan always manages to get in the picture):

I found these great bird ornaments:

Keith and I decorated this tree ourselves. It was the fun tree with memento ornaments and of course an ornament tribute to SEC football.

It still amazes me what Momma can whip up out of a bag of crap and some ribbon.

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